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Update - 02.12.2022
Version: V 3.15

Licenses for consortia: Allow companies up to level 3 to manufacture your product under license and transport it to all · Donation in consortium simplified · Pinboard no longer turns blue for the sender · Bug fixes
News - 01.12.2022

New seasonal product the mulled wine is saleable
News - 13.11.2022

New seasonal product the Christmas tree is available for sale
Update - 28.10.2022
Version: V 3.14

More stats in city hall · Bulletin board, bulletin board and consi bulletin board improved · Retention time mails extended · Maximum shipping price increased · List for final products in consortium · Fix for Mooshain population record and mail undone ATs · Fee reform consortia
Update - 11.10.2022
Version: V 3.13

Accept, reject, retrieve, repair, move, sell many trucks · Delete many ATs · Mail when too few trucks for ATs · Sort trucks by size · Status for trucks in return · Staff type in buildings · Tariff wage record with date · Backbone cache update
Fix: AT filter for goods not in slot 1 · Fix: Parked trucks with branded goods.