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Hotfix - 17.10.2023
Version: 3.19.2

Fix some errors regarding expanding storage buildings, sending goods to them, and viewing consortium products
Hotfix - 09.10.2023
Version: 3.19.1

Too much news for waiting transports
Update - 07.10.2023
Version: 3.19.0

Warehouse workers create more space in warehouses · GM place calculation changed · Car transports: suitable vehicle removed. Instead, all ATs try to use the smallest possible vehicle first. Company news at high utilization · inactive seasonal goods removed from quests and starting products · starting products also in lab · many bugs fixed.
News - 01.09.2023

New season product umbrella for sale and to the products clock and grandfather clock was added glass
Hotfix - 30.08.2023
Version: 3.18.1

Hotfix for warning when there is no contract · new warning if target is full